Annual Anti-Fraud Training

We develop and deliver a customized two hour on-line/self-study Annual and New Hire Insurance Fraud Training courses for the Claims, Agents (Sales Force) and Investigative departments. These trainings will provide the employee with the industry fraud trends, identifiers and investigative techniques.

IIEA will develop a secure and private on-line training center for you for all employees to access their training from. The training center will provide the student with certificates of completions and course transcripts. Employees will have the ability to start and stop the training at their leisure. The courses will re-start at the point they left off.

IIEA will customize the Annual Fraud training by including your specific company’s fraud related policies, procedures, contacts and any other material you deem necessary into the courses. IIEA will develop a new version each year to meet those years’ training requirements.


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