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Enhance the knowledge and skills of your teams

Work with us to ensure your people are effectively trained for professional capabilities and competitive advantage. Whether you’re an agency, insurance broker, local or multinational insurance company, we can work with you to enhance the understanding, skills and behaviours of your teams through IIEA professional qualifications, tailored training and online courses.

Compliance Education

Digital Insurance

Fraud Management

A New Workplace!

The insurance landscape is changing. Thanks to a maturing workforce, insurance professionals with decades of industry knowledge and skills are retiring; entry level-roles are being outsourced overseas or automated; there is a talent shortage, particularly in the junior-mid technical roles; and entry-level staff are often being promoted with less training and experience than needed.

In this climate, attracting, retaining and upskilling employees has become increasingly challenging. Insurers are finding that traditional semester-style education is not providing their staff with the right skills, and the time commitment required does not meet with company objectives.

Our courses and qualifications are conveniently offered to meet the requirements of a New Workplace!

Develop your Workforce

We provide more than education, we provide solutions. As your L&D partner, we want to work with you to meet the needs of your staff, departments and organisation. Our new education model allows for numerous outcomes and benefits dependent on your company’s needs. We’ve mapped out job roles by experience and matched them with online courses, doing the hard work for you.

Helping your organisation develop

Discover learning solutions that provide a positive impact on your teams’ confidence and ability, as well as your professional approach and competitive advantage.

Talk to us about your training needs from entry level to C-suite

Why Choose Our Courses

Accredited and Certified Courses

Global Partner and Industry Collaborations

Comprehensive Curriculum

Study at your own Pace and Convenience

Industries We Serve


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