Associate Digital Insurance (ADI)

Course Overview

The ADI Programme is the world’s first virtual professional “mini-MBA” in Digital Insurance designed to bring together Insurance Professionals and Executives who who are interested in learning how to transform the insurance industry in a digital world. ADI is also accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

The future of insurance is here – and it is digital. Digital is transforming not only our personal lives but our professional lives in insurance too. We need to up-skill in order to truly understand the changes taking place in the industry, the implications of these changes and what to do about them. And the ADI Programme does exactly this. Upon Qualification you will have a designation ADI – Associate Digital Insurer.

The ADI Programme has 7 Courses covering all areas of digital insurance and consists of 56 one hour lessons of online content which can be consumed at any time and at any place. We have teamed up with some of the world’s largest organisations and most knowledgeable and experienced experts in insurance to bring you a Programme that is informative, engaging, fun and interactive. the ADI programme takes 8 months to complete and will need 3-4 hours a week including online study, weekly live virtual discussion group and assignment preparation.

Who is it for?

  • Insurance professionals keen to build and enhance their skills and networks in a digital world
  • Pro-active learners who are comfortable with learning in a virtual environment
  • Curious minded indiviudals who share a passion for digital insurance and are open to sharing their experiences and views
  • Not a position dependent course – relevant for people at different levels and in different business units
  • In summary – enhance your career potential, help your company progress their digital journey and further your professional development
  • For company sponsors – up-skill and level up digital insurance across the organisation as well as provide digital insurance skills to your change leaders

ADI Programme approach

  • Learn about the latest digital insurance trends, strategies and tools and how you can apply them in your insurance career
  • Engaging, bite-sized content that can be accessed at any time and from any place. Packed with insurance relevant use cases, example and case studies
  • Content delivered by a range of highly experienced industry professionals. Outward looking – bringing in out of industry perspectectives whenever relevant
  • Independent and external badge of accreditation from the Chartered Insurance Institute, validating the high standard of training
  • “Digital First” approach that is 100% virtual with self paced online learning and live weekly discussion groups with mentors and industry experts
  • Integrated to the TDI knowledgebase ensuring a constant refresh and access to the latest trends and developments

How to qualify

  • Completion of all 7 Courses and 56 lessons within the Courses, each approximately an hour long
  • Attendance at a minimum of 2 discussion groups per Course, each approximately an hour long and held weekly
  • Completion and satisfactory pass of assignments – six out of seven assignments must be submitted and passed

CII Accreditation

Participants can claim CPD hours towards the CII / Personal Finance Society member CPD scheme as the qualification is Chartered Insurance Institute accredited.

Awarding Body

ADI is awarded and provided by TDI Academy, an online learning & development platform in digital insurance which is run by TDI, the platform for exploring, learning and delivering digital across the insurance world.

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