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Course Overview

Corporate Governance is the system by which organizations are directed and controlled. It involves regulatory and market mechanisms, the relationships between an entity’s management, its board, its shareholders and other stakeholders, as well as the goals for which the entity is governed. Corporate Governance therefore is about strategy as well as Risk Management. Compliance is a core function within a broader definition of risk management and control. Governance, Risk and Compliance are very closely intertwined and are best presented in an integrated format in order to give business leaders the readily applicable tools to succeed.

In practice, we find that every governance level debate about strategy triggers a scenario analysis that brings out the connected risks and compliance issues. Every Risk Management Committee meeting in the end turns into a strategic discussion about what to do next, about how risk control and mitigation measures would interact with the organization’s strategic objectives.

Target Audience

This course is of interest for senior professionals and aspiring leaders in financial institutions as well as in many other sectors of commerce and industry.

The content is particularly relevant for managers and directors in retail and small business banks, leasing firms, consumer credit companies, microfinance institutions, but also for leadership teams in growing non-financial businesses and technology driven start-ups, both in emerging and developed markets.

As a current or future leader, you need to understand the evolving best practices in Governance, Risk and Compliance and turn them into a competitive advantage for your own business.


The course takes 6 months assuming 5-7 hours of self-study per week. It consists of 5 units which build upon each other. You will take the units in sequence and will need to pass an online multiple choice test before accessing the next unit.

The CERGC course includes 3 mandatory assignments, which have to be submitted on a specific date.

You are not sure if you manage to complete the course within 6 months? No worries! You can apply for a course extension (6 more months) against an administrative fee.


Registrations for the course beginning on 1 September 2023 are now open.

Awarding Body

The certification is awarded by Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany.

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