Certified Expert in Digital Finance

Course Overview

Digital finance offers a transformational solution for financial inclusion. Powered by the mobile phone, new data and technological innovations, it has become affordable and convenient for unbanked customers to access and use formal banking services. While new technological developments and financial players bring tremendous opportunities, the emerging landscape is also becoming more complex and is putting increasing pressure on traditional providers to go digital.

In this course you will learn about the emerging digital landscape as well as the new market participants and products that have disrupted the market. By taking the course, you will be enabled to successfully deploy digital technologies in your institution and leverage digital financial services (DFS) in your target markets.

The Certified Expert in Digital Finance develops key skills and knowledge for professionals to succeed in different professions around digital financials services, innovation and technology implementation as well as in regulation or risk management.

CEDF includes 6 mandatory units of which unit 2 and unit 5 include an assignment. In the end of the course, participants can choose between two electives to round up professional skills relevant to their main learning goals.

Target Audience

Microfinance practitioners, MFI managers, consultants, donors, MNO’s, Retail and SME banks, Fintechs, Regulators and supervisors.


The course takes approx. 6 months assuming 5-7 hours of self-study per week. It consists of 6 mandatory units which build upon each other. You will take the units in sequence and will  need to pass an online multiple choice test before accessing the next unit.

Some of the units include an assignment to be solved by a fixed deadline.

You are not sure if you manage to complete the course within 6 months? No worries! You can apply for a course extension (6 more months) against an administrative fees.


Registrations for the course beginning on 1 September 2023 are now open.

Awarding Body

The certification is awarded by Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany.

  Learning Objectives

    Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have profound knowledge and practical skills around the following topics:

  • Understanding the history of financial services to reflect on today´s landscape to better understand future scenarios for financial services
  • Key technologies driving digital finance and financial inclusion
  • Profound knowledge on the digital finance ecosystem and it´s key stakeholders
  • Key product and innovation areas in digital finance
  • Success factors and business models in digital finance
  • Importance and latest models of regulation and supervision
  • Principles and key trends in risk management around digital financial services
  • Strategic Management of services and business models
  • Rapid design and launch of new customer centric products and services

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