Certified Expert in Microinsurance

Course Overview

Are you seeking to understand microinsurance? Would you like to know how this product proposition could benefit your clients or organization? The Certified Expert in Microinsurance provides you with an understanding of the target market, marketing strategies and distribution channels to be successful with this product proposition.

The microinsurance sector is an evolving sector, which is impacting how low-income individuals and MSMEs protect themselves against everyday risks. Nevertheless, due to microinsurance’s emerging role in microfinance, research is relatively new and few institutions offer executive training in the field. Insurance, microfinance and bank specialists can benefit greatly from learning about the current trends in the microinsurance market and the unique demands of this sector, including product development, marketing, distribution or customer and sales relationship management.

The course is divided into 7 units that follow the order of the value chain for a microinsurance product. A step by step introduction of the most relevant aspects covers the conceptual and market research phase, product development, communication and marketing, distribution, and client relations management.

Target Audience

The target audiences for this e-learning course are MFI management and employees, insurance management and employees, bankers, central bankers, and students (preferably with insurance, banking and/or finance background) who wish to gain insights into successful microinsurance management.



The course takes approx. 6 months assuming 5-6 hours of self-study per week. It consists of 7 units which build upon each other. You will take the units in sequence and will  need to pass an online multiple choice test before accessing the next unit.

Unit 4 and Unit 7 include an assignment which you will need to submit at a fixed deadline.

You are not sure if you manage to complete the course within 6 months? No worries! You can apply for a course extension (6 more months) against an administrative fee.


Registrations for the course beginning on 1 September 2023 are now open.


Awarding Body

The certification is awarded by Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany.

Learning Objectives

The Certified Expert in Microinsurance provides practitioners with a certification of essential know-how to prepare organizations for the development and/or introduction of a microinsurance value proposition. The course incorporates real case studies, hands on exercises and lessons learned to illustrate the theoretical material.

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