Certified Expert in Sustainable Finance

Course Overview

The global economy has grown rapidly in the last 200 years, but this achievement has come at the cost of climate change and environmental damage. With increased environmental awareness among nations and people, a global strive towards sustainable development is now growing. You may ask yourself what does this have to do with finance? Making the necessary change, transformation of our economies and societies require commitments, innovations and, last but not least, finance and investments.

Sustainable Finance can help steering the global economy towards sustainability and accelerate the necessary change. The financial sector has an important role in deciding where capital flows and by implication where it does not flow to. In this course, you will learn about creating impact, managing sustainability risks, and benefiting from sustainable business opportunities.

Furthermore, it will familiarise participants with the business, regulatory and technical perspective of sustainable finance and will acquaint them to take an active part in the discussion around the topic. The course aims to enable financial professionals to integrate Sustainable Finance related aspects into their work through new knowledge and tools for advising their clients and business partners.

The course provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of sustainability, no prior knowledge of Sustainable Finance or Finance is required.

The online course can be complemented by a classroom component. This is voluntary and not a requirement to get certified by Frankfurt School. You can book the online course and classroom component either individually or as a package.

Target Audience

Finance experts and professionals, including retail bankers, financial advisors, asset managers, risk managers etc., and all other financial industry professionals interested in the topic of sustainable finance


The course takes approx. 6 months assuming 5-8 hours of self-study per week. It consists of 10 mandatory units, which build upon each other.


Registrations for the course beginning on 1 September 2023 are now open.

Awarding Body

The certification is awarded by Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany.

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