Dental Benefits Associate (DBA) Designation

Course Overview

Oral health provides a window into an individual’s overall health. In fact, routine checkups and cleanings, which are 100% covered by most dental plans, can lower the risk of serious health problems. To learn more about how dental coverage works and why it makes it possible for more people to live healthier lives, earn your Dental Benefits Associate (DBA) designation.

To earn your DBA, complete these required courses:

  • Dental Beenfits, Part A: An Overview of Dental Benefits and Dental Plans
  • Dental Benefits, Part B: Dental Benefits: A Closer Look at Plan Types and Management
  • Fraud, Part I (Introduction)
  • Health Insurance Advanced Studies, Part A
Learning Objectives

Earning this career-driving designation will demonstrate to your organization that you’ve gained a deeper understanding of dental benefits, plan design, eligibility, and regulations impacting dental insurance coverage, to help you do your job even better.

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