Health Insurance Associate Designation

Course Overview

In a competitive work environment, employers depend on key performers. When you earn your Health Insurance Associate (HIA®) designation, you’ll be among 20,000+ professionals who have joined the industry’s elite by mastering this challenging, but rewarding, professional program.

To earn this career-driving designation, start by completing the following required courses:

  • Fundamentals of Health Insurance, Part A (Basics of Health Insurance)
  • Fundamentals of Health Insurance, Part B (Basics of Company Operations)
  • Health Insurance Advanced Studies, Part A
  • Supplimental Health Insurance

Then complete two electives. Select from the following options:

  • Disability, Part I (Primer)
  • Disability, Part II (Advanced Issues)
  • Disability, Part III (Group and Worksite Issues)
  • Fraud, Part I (Introduction)
  • Long-Term Care, Part I (Needs and Options)
  • Long-Term Care Professional (LTCP) – Combined Course
Learning Objectives

On completion of this course you’ll demonstrate to your colleagues and partners that you’ve achieved a thorough knowledge of all aspects of health insurance.

Important Notice: If Long-Term Care Professional (LTCP) – Combined Course is one of the electives selected, fees charged will vary. Enquire before enrollment.

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