Healthcare Customer Service Associate (HCSA) Designation

Course Overview

Is it possible to put a value on high quality customer service? Yes! Health insurance providers and health care organizations that make service their top priority understand the tremendous value outstanding customer service brings to their business. In fact, in today’s consumer-centric environment, no one can afford to ignore the role customer service plays in growing a business.

To earn this career-driving professional designation, start by completing the following required online courses:

  • Fundamentals of Health Insurance, Part I (Basics of Health Insurance)
  • Fundamentals of Health Insurance, Part B (Basics of Company Operations)
  • Customer Service Strategies for the Healthcare Environment

Then, take your choice of one of the following electives:

  • Long-Term Care Professional )LTCP) – Combined Course
  • Long Term Care, Part I (Needs and Options)
  • Fraud, Part I (Introduction)
  • Disability, Part I (Primer)

Details of electives are available on request. Contact us at

Learning Objectives

When you earn your Healthcare Customer Service Associate (HCSA) designation, you’ll demonstrate to your colleagues, clients, and partners that you have a strong commitment to creating a corporate culture that puts the customer first.

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