Insurance Fraud Certified (IFC)

The IFC is a professional designation for private investigators serving the insurance industry. This certification is defined by a curriculum designed to close the knowledge gap between investigators and the insurance professionals who utilize them.

IFC stands for Insurance Fraud Certified. The courses enhance the training programs many PI firms already have in place, providing the last puzzle piece in an investigator’s knowledge and know-how.

The IFC will provide three levels of certifications: basic, intermediate, and advanced. However, the course materials are designed in such a way that every investigator, from the novice to the most seasoned professional can benefit from this learning program.

The IFC is available through online self-study courses. Take the courses at your convenience. Enter and leave the website as many times as you like. When you’ve finished, you will be able to print your own Certification of Completion, and perhaps more importantly, you will be listed in our IFC Investigator Database. At no charge, your prospective and existing clients can find you, your area of service, and your certification level at a glance. It is offered at levels:-

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