Insurance Fraud Detection and Prevention with Alessa

Prevent fraudulent claims through technology

In collaboration with Alessa a Tier1 financial solutions company,we bring you Alessa Insurance Fraud Detection and Prevention software, a solution that is designed to help insurance companies stop revenue losses due to insurance claims fraud.

Every year insurance companies face the daunting task of sifting through millions of transactions to stop the billions in losses due to fraud.

Both individuals and organized crime rings rely on schemes like identity theft, false worker’s compensation and medical claims, social security fraud and intentional vehicle accidents to scam millions.

Alessa uses advanced techniques like machine learning to detect suspicious claims and fraudulent activities that trigger investigations before being paid out. Benefits of the solution include: –

  • Review all claims to ensure they comply with policies
  • Detect claims that require further investigation
  • Screen vendors and providers
  • Track key performance indicators of programs
  • Manage investigations of suspicious or fraudulent claims to completion

For insurers looking to enhance their fraud detection and prevention programs, Alessa is a solution that integrates with existing IT systems, examines all the data and provides a holistic view of the claims processing programs.

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