Motor Vehicle Fraud Course Offering

IIEA offers multiple Auto Insurance fraud courses for all Insurance Professionals & Investigators. All of our courses can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs.


This course will provide you as to what auto theft is, how to investigate it, the current trends in theft schemes, and examples of true theft claims. We will also teach you what investigation tools are available to you, and bring you up to speed on all of the anti-theft measures out there today.

With the economy dwindling, insurance fraud for auto theft has increased as people will either perform or have someone else burn, dump, or strip their automobile to get from underneath the monthly payment

By laying a foundation of product understanding, the course prepares the student for recognizing, combating, and even deterring insurance fraud in these lines. Students will be provided with real-world examples, terminology, red flags, and investigative techniques for front-end (premium and application) fraud, claimant/beneficiary fraud, and get-rich-quick schemes. Completion of this course provides students with an intermediate-level understanding of all aspects of life and disability insurance fraud.

This course will provide you with knowledge of what premium fraud is within the automobile insurance industry. You will learn how the fraud can be initiated by agents and brokers, as well as the insureds. You will learn who it affects, how it is conducted, and what measures can be taken to combat it.

This course will provide the insurance professional with knowledge of how a body shop or repair shop defrauds the insured and insurance company from the onset of an automobile accident or comprehensive loss.

This course will familiarize the insurance professional with the types of scams that are common in luring the insured to a particular shop after a loss, as well as the scams performed on a vehicle prior to an adjuster's review and scams performed on the vehicle once the repair process begins. It will also provide techniques to use against the shops committing the fraud and to provide information on how to prevent and deter shops from committing fraud.

This course will provide the insurance professional with knowledge of staged automobile accident, the common types of staged accidents, how they are performed and how to identify them. We will provide you with Staged Accident indicators as well as the role of the claims professional will need to perform.

The insurance professional will obtain the process and knowledge of a staged accident field investigation. This course will enhance the understanding of the insurance professional concerning the parameters of a field investigation and what relevant factors are being collected. This course will utilize intelligence information from subjects who confessed to participating in staged accidents. The curriculum will explain how the claim is set up from policy inception to the date of the actual loss. This will enhance the insurance professional's knowledge of staged accidents which will facilitate in mitigating the claim.

This course will provide the insurance professional with knowledge of a growing trend called Glass Claims. We will tell you how these types of claims are committed and by who. We will show you how the perpetrators are performing these claims. We will provide you with the information to make a referral to your SIU and we will provide you with some success stories of actual cases.

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