Sales Digital Insurance – SDI

Course Overview

Sales Digital Insurer (SDI) is the world’s first fully virtual, immersive development programme designed to help sales advisors, managers and leaders get the most out of new digital technologies in order to accelerate consumer engagement and sales.

The future of insurance is here – and it is digital. Digital is transforming not only our personal lives but our professional lives in insurance too. We need to up-skill in order to truly understand the changes taking place in the industry, the implications of these changes and what to do about them in order to best serve our customers. And SDI helps us do exactly this. Upon Qualification, you will have earned the designation of SDI Sales Advisor, or SDI Sales Leader.

The SDI Programme has 8 Seasons covering all areas of digital sales advisory (Sessions 1-4) and digital sales leadership (Seasons 5-8). Each Season consists of 5 Episodes of online content, which can be consumed at any time and at any place, with each Episode taking 1-1.5 hrs to complete.

Note: Fees charged is for either Seasons 1-4 (SDI Sales Advisor) or Seasons 5-8 (SDI Sales Leader) and takes 16 weeks to complete either Seasons.

SDI approach

  • The Insurance Industry is going through significant change with a shift in consumer behaviours and the development of new technologies.
  • Insurance Professionals must adapt to be more productive and better serve their customers.
  • SDI is 100% virtual and on-demand, designed for Advisors/Leaders who are interested in applying digital sales and marketing in their business.
  • Programme content balances theory and knowledge with practical tips to win more business.
  • Pre-recorded Episodes allow participants to learn on their own schedule.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this course, you will be able to:-

  • Gain an overview of the digital revolution and the benefits for advisors who are digitally- enabled and develop a business plan;
  • To develop a digital sales presence in target consumer groups by using available digital tools and resources;
  • Understand proven methods to identify prospects, generate leads, & effectively engage with clients on social platforms;
  • Focus on virtual sales communication and presentation skills that result
    in satisfied clients and improved performance;
  • Have an overview of the key factors involved in successfully leading & managing a digitally-enabled sales team with a comprehensive
    business strategy;
  • Develop a digital guide to recruiting target advisors through developing a digital presence, using compelling content, and following a digitalised recruiting process;
  • Have an understanding of proven methods to digitally train & develop advisors using online programmes, Regular Reviews, Joint Work, and Group Training; and
  • Know the key principles of virtual Coaching that ultimately results in
    enhanced client engagement and improved advisor performance.

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