Train your staff

IIEA provides more than education, we provide solutions. As your L&D partner, we want to work with you to meet the needs of your staff, departments and organisation.

In this climate, attracting, retaining and upskilling employees has become increasingly challenging. Insurers are finding that traditional semester-style education is not providing their staff with the right skills, and the time commitment required does not meet with company objectives. 

In partnership with our global insurance partners, we’ve developed and created time-efficient professional skills courses that focus on skills that insurance professionals need to work at their best or get to the next level in their career. 

Benefits of online based learning

Professional skills courses are the basic building blocks of our training. These are fully online and built around active learning, building on the knowledge you already have using interactive simulations. Leaners can apply what they learn directly to their job and add the formal competency in each course to their skill set. At the end of each course, the learning is assessed through an online examination and on passing learners are able to instantly download and print their certificates of completion.

  • Digestible– The online skills courses are shorter in duration than traditional study to allow for sharper focus and better engagement, ensuring you’re never bored and always learning
  • Flexible– Tailored to gets you where you want to be in your career, no matter what level you’re starting at.
  • Tailored– They can be taken in any order you choose.
  • Relevant –The courses are developed by the industry and use real-world scenarios, ensuring that content is directly relevant to your work and you only learn what you need to.
  • Knowledgeable– Maximise learning by studying relevant skills, not just passing a test.

Your L&D Partner

Our new education model allows for numerous outcomes and benefits dependent on your company’s needs. We’ve mapped out job roles by experience and matched them with skills courses, doing the hard work for you. 

If you need advice please contact our sales team

Experience level

The way the skills courses are designed means you can pick the courses you want from the level of experience you’re at, from the foundation level to executive.

  • Study according to where you are professionally, ensuring learning is relevant and not overwhelming
  • Get to the next level in your career
  • IIEA Certificates are attainable at different levels of experience and skill, demonstrating your accomplishment to employers 

Industry Engagement

IIEA is dedicated to helping businesses, governments and non-profit organisations in the insurance and finance industry to fulfill their potential and that of their staff. To achieve this, IIEA’s Industry Engagement team works with corporate clients to tailor our programs and services to ensure that staff receive high quality education and training, maintain professional standards and enjoy fulfilling careers in insurance and finance.

For more information on how IIEA works with its corporate partners, please email the Corporate Engagement Team